Now with ad supported versions!

After some trial and error, free versions of all 3 Color Logic games are available.  They use interstitial ads, this is a trial run with these.  If they are too obtrusive (and get too many complaints) I may move to banners ads.

But banner ads cut in to the screen real estate and I wanted to keep the look as uncluttered as possible.

Next update will be skins and then more levels.

See all of my apps here!

Artists Wanted!

Are you an artist that needs exposure?   I am looking for artists and animators for upcoming and active projects.  Art used in apps will get your name in the credits along with an active link to your site.

If your are interested please contact me @  support[@]codehammer{dot}us

Things are moving fast!

UPDATE:  The games are almost ready!

CLv2 is done!  It has been cleaned up and polished.  (Essentially, I had to stop adding to it.   Otherwise I could never release it!)

Color Logic HEX only needs some polish work on the stages!

Color Logic Triad just needs work on the stages!  Now that I have found a name for it that I liked.  I didn’t really care for Color Logic TRI.

Check out the pages for each!  Screenshots will be added soon.

Welcome to codeHammer Productions!

This is a new beginning for codeHammer Productions!

I have 2 paid apps about to hit the Google Play store.  Unlike ‘free’ apps that beg for you to spend outrageous amounts for just 5 more minutes of game play.  At codeHammer, I will never ask you to spend more money beyond your original purchase price.

Color Logic v2 - is my first paid app.  It is based on the original Color Logic released in 2011.  It uses the latest version of Adobe Air for Android.  This version has much more reasonable levels and replayable stages.  Each level has 20 stages or boards, that is a total of 80 replayable levels!  And this new version has other features as well.  It has a reset button to allow you start over if you get stuck.  Also there are now ANIMATIONS!  No longer stuck with static game images.  And more upgrades are in the works!

Color Logic HEX - Based on the original Color Logic, but instead of squares it uses hexes.  Each game board has 30 buttons to increase the challenge.  And like CLv2, 80 replayable levels, reset button, and animations.

Color Logic TRIAD - In the works! – Like the others it is based on Color Logic.  This version will used triangles, and only the 3 buttons around the triangle will change.  It is in progress and will, hopefully, be released within 2 months.

Depending on how well received these games are, iOS versions would not be far behind!

Thanks for you time,